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7 Reasons Why a Food Tour is the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

A Bite Of History Franklin Food Tour

Finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift is HARD! What do you get the woman who brought you into the world and has sacrificed so much to help you become who you are today? Well, there is obviously no way to repay that kind of generosity and selflessness, but here are some reasons we think a Franklin Food Tour (or any food tour) makes a great gift.

Quality Time

When you take a Franklin Food Tour with your mom, you’re giving her the gift that she likely wants most of all: time with you! We get it; life is busy. We often don’t take the time we should to spend it with those we love. Take three hours on a Friday or Saturday, bring your mom on a food tour, and make some memories!


Food tours are unique! Flowers, chocolates, and jewelry are great. But if you’re looking for an off the beaten path gift for the mom who has everything, consider giving her a food tour in Franklin or a town near where she lives. Food tours are a fast growing sector of the travel industry so there is likely one near your mom.


Food tours offer something for everyone! The Franklin Food Tour from A Bite of History can offer breakfast food, baked goods, coffee, barbecue, sweet treats, meats, cheeses, and so much more. Plus there is history, art, and architecture. There are stops in historic homes, specialty shops, and local restaurants. Whatever your mom is interested in, a food tour will touch on it.


When you take a food tour you support multiple small business. It’s an easy way to spread the love around to your community as you shop small. Plus if you take a food tour where your mom lives you’ll learn more about the history of the community and discover new shops and restaurants. A food tour changes the way you see your local area. Whenever you or your mom revisit those locations around town, you’ll smile with the memory of the time spent together on a food tour.


When you give experiences instead of things as gifts, you’re doing the planet a solid. Food tours won’t break or be thrown away. And A Bite of History Food Tours are walking tours so no carbon emissions to worry about.


Not sure when mom is available for a food tour? We offer gift cards too!


Use code MOMSROCK to take 20% off a Franklin Food Tour in May.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Still not sure a Franklin Food Tour is the right gift for mom? Check out our Franklin Mother’s Day Gift Guide.

Customers getting food on A Bite Of History Franklin Food Tour


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